Meet The Team


James Churchward


James is a B-Category instructor who initially started his flight training with Bay Flight International in Tauranga. James arrived at the Tauranga Aero Club as a C-Category instructor, completing his B-Cat with the club and later becoming the Chief Flying Instructor.

Kane Davis


Kane is a B-Cat flight instructor who completed all his training here at the Tauranga Aero Club. Kane gave up his future as a professional golfer to pursue flying. In Kane's spare time, you will catch him practicing synchronised swimming at Pilot Bay.

Isaac O'Kell


Isaac started flying at the Tauranga Aero Club at age 12 year as a Young Eagle. He has since completed his PPL, CPL, and C-Cat here at the club. During the summer months you can catch Isaac spearfishing or walking up the mount.


Martin Lobb

I am a late starter to aviation, having achieved my Microlight pilot’s licence in 2011. I own a RV7 aircraft and I have been a member of the Tauranga Aero Club since 2013. I hold a PPL.

Trish Stephens

I joined the club in 1994. I started learning at Waihi Beach in 1995 and got my licence in April 1997 at age 50. We purchased the Cardinal in 1993, my RV6A in 2003 and sold our cub purchased in 1998 in 2005. I fly all of these planes and particularly enjoy aerobatics and formation flying. I have represented NZ three times in Australia flying 3 ship formation in Warriors. I regularly compete in the National Aerobatic championships. I joined the TAC committee in 1997.

Mark Williams

I joined the aero club in 2009 gaining my PPL in 2010 flying the 152’s & 172’s and I enjoy gliding. I have been the chairman of body corps and school board of trustees. I have been a business owner since the age of nineteen, employing up to fifty staff. I consulted to Fonterra Brands Ltd for seven years.

Laurie Inskeep

I gained my PPL in 1986 flying out of Ardmore & first joined the Tauranga Aero Club in 1988 after a move from Auckland. I have a particular interest in the Flying NZ ‘Young Eagles’ program (my son is a member) as I firmly believe that as well as pursuing their aviation careers some of them will be our future club members. My background is in the automotive industry firstly as an automotive technician, then moved into the wholesale side of the industry in sales, marketing & then retail afterwards.

Kevin Duckworth

Kevin who is now retired was previously a Director and CEO of Energy Market Services (EMS), Managing Director of d-cyphaTrade in Australia and Director emsTradepoint. 
Kevin was CEO of Materials Performance Technologies Ltd, and a director of companies in New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. Kevin spent 12 years in the RNZNVR as a seaman officer. He has a B.Sc. (Hons) and MBA (with distinction).

Mark Fox

Mark has had his PPL for quite a number of years now and has been a previous member of Rotorua, Hawkes Bay & East Coast Aeroclub (Hastings),  as well as Tauranga Aeroclubs. Mark was born in Tauranga where his father was a very early member of the TG Aeroclub. Mark has been the NZ CEO of MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) for 11 years and has the privilege of flying the C206 ZK-MAF.

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