The core activity of the Tauranga Aero Club is flight training of recreational pilots towards their Private Pilot Licence. We have been doing this for well over 85 years and are the experts! As well as this, we also provide training for pilots towards their Commercial Pilots Licence, Instructor Ratings and provide pilot licence conversion for overseas pilots.

What can I do with a PPL?

With a PPL you are able to carry passengers with you when you fly, although you are not able to charge for your services. You can hire an aircraft that you are type rated on, or buy your own aircraft, and you are able to fly anywhere in New Zealand. Some continue on in their training to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence and ultimately a career in aviation.

Flying lessons are paid according to the amount of time the aircraft engine is running, as recorded by an hobbs meter in the aircraft. Our current dual instruction rate is $255/hour of engine run time if you are a Member, and $310/hour for non-members. Solo rates are $210 for members and $265 for non-members. Membership costs $140/year and we welcome new members. Also, there is a $45 per hour charge for any preflight briefings (not all flights involve a preflight briefing). Most briefings are around 20 minutes therefore each one will only cost around $18



How does flight training here work?

When you are ready for your first lesson, contact us and book yourself in for a lesson. A lesson consists of a 30-minute power point briefing in the briefing room, followed by a 45-minute flight, followed by a short debrief. You should allow a one and a half hours for each lesson. You can fly any day of the week, subject to weather and other students booking aircraft in ahead of you.



You can train as fast or as slow as you like. An optimum pace is 1-2 lessons per week. This gives you time between lessons to absorb what was taught in the previous lesson and prepare for the next one. Others have more time on their hands and train full time. A PPL can be completed in about 2-3 months if you work hard and are good at studying for and sitting the 6 theory exams included in the process. However the average time to complete the licence is often 6-12 months when studying part time.

For more information of our training and associated costs, feel free to download our training brochures for the courses offered below:

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