Club Events

Monday 17th May to Thursday 20th May - South Island Fly Away

Thursday 27th May at 6:00PM - TAC Quiz Night - Team registrations mandatory

Friday 4th June to Monday 7th June - NZAWA Rally in Motueka

Saturday 26th June at 9:00AM - Great Barrier Fly Away

Sunday 4th July at 3:00PM - TAC AGM

Saturday 28th August - TAC Prize Giving

Friday 12th to Saturday 13th November - Regionals hosted by Tauranga Aero Club

Scheduled Classes

Full Time Day Classes

Human Factors 14th April - 16th April

Aircraft Technical Knowledge 19th April - 23rd April

Navigation 27th April - 30th April

Meteorology 3rd May - 7th May

Night Classes


Air Law 12th April - 27th April

Meteorology 10th May - 25th May

Human Factors 7th June - 22nd June

Aircraft Technical Knowledge 5th July - 20th July