Aircraft Hire

TAA taking off

As well as flight training, the Tauranga Aero Club is active in general aviation, both as an RNZAC member club and and as a participant in the general aviation sector in New Zealand. We are very active on the RNZAC front and our club members compete in local, national, and international flying competitions. We offer aircraft for hire to licenced pilots – you are not required to be an affiliated member to hire aircraft although the hire rate is slightly cheaper if you are a member of the Tauranga Aero Club.

TAA cockpit

All aircraft are charged out based on the time from engine start to shutdown, as recorded by the aircraft hobbsmeter in the cockpit.

Dual and solo rates are the same. The only time you pay for an instructor, if you need one, is when the instructor is used for ground briefing and tutorials. The rate for an instructor is $40/hour. BFR’s for members do not incur any additional cost, over and above the normal cost of the instructor’s ground time. For non-members, there is a fee of $200 for BFR’s. (Yes, you can join the club for $140 and avoid this fee).

Airways and landing fees are also payable to Air Traffic Control and the airport authority. These vary from place to place but average about $20 per flight.

The basic aircraft hire rates, GST inclusive, based on hobbs time, are as follows:

Cessna 152 – $190/hour for members, $210/hour for non-members

Cessna 172 – $220/hour for members, $240/hour for non-members

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